Cloth car seats: How to clean them?

Do you spend a huge amount of your time in your car? You probably eat and drink in there which means that the seats are most likely dirty. Even if you don’t eat or drink in your car the inside will still get dirty and will accumulate all sorts of impurities. Just like you would deep clean your home from time to time in order to have a spotless living space you would want to deep clean your car.

Car seats can be tricky. How to clean them? Today, I will focus on cloth car seats. When it comes to the leather ones you can wipe them with disinfecting wipes every day but you can’t do that to cloth ones, right?

Cloth Seats

The most common fabrics for cloth seats are nylon or polyester. You should vacuum them every week. If any stains occur you should immediately treat them because cloth seats absorb liquids very fast.

When it comes to the deep cleaning I will show you – do it seasonally.

How to deep clean cloth car seats?

Start with vacuuming the fabric. This will remove any pet hairs, dust, debris, crumbs, and other impurities.

Then determine whether there are any stains you haven’t treated. If there are stains you would want to treat them before we continue with the cleaning. You can simply use an upholstery cleaner and scrub the stain off or a DIY method using baking soda and vinegar – the number one natural ingredients used in DIY upholstery cleaning methods.

Then continue with cleaning the seat. Spray a cleaning solution of your choice all over the seat and start gently scrubbing with a sponge. Then use a damp clean sponge or cloth to “rinse” the residue and remove it. Continue with wiping with a dry clean cloth to remove the excess moisture. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to completely remove all of the moisture, therefore, you should let the seats air-dry before you use your car.