Don’t Waste Your Time On These Cleaning Hacks Because They Don’t Work!

Who doesn’t love a good cleaning hack that will make our lives better and will make cleaning easier, right? The problem with many hacks on the internet is that they actually do not work how they are described which makes them a complete waste of time.

Today, I will tell you more about some cleaning hacks I have tried before that actually do not work so you don’t waste time on them and just move on!

Don’t Waste Your Time On These Cleaning Hacks Because They Don’t Work!

– Disinfecting sponges by using a microwave

This hack sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it actually doesn’t work. Yes, you will get rid of some bacteria but not all. Nothing can replace switching your sponges – no matter how hard you try to clean or disinfect them.

– Using hairspray to remove ink stains from clothes

This hack probably did work in the past when hairsprays contained alcohol in them, however, nowadays no hairspray on the market has alcohol which makes this hack a complete waste of time. Instead, use rubbing alcohol – you will save time, money, and effort!

– Protecting your stovetop with car wax

Yes, another hack that sounds too good to be true is applying car wax on your stove in order to prevent spills and grease from setting in. Nothing about this hack works so don’t waste your time.

– Using coca-cola to clean your toilet

Now, let me start off by saying that coca-cola can indeed be used for removing rust, however, it’s not the product you want to use for cleaning or disinfecting because it won’t work. Instead, you will be left with a sticky mess making your toilet even dirtier.