How to clean kitchen cabinetry

The kitchen cabinets are the façade of your kitchen and poorly maintained cabinets can do nothing else than ruin the atmosphere within your kitchen. This is why it is very important to maintain clean and stainless kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinetry CleaningIn order to have clean kitchen cabinetry you must start by emptying the content of the cabinets. Next you must mix your own stain remover by mixing mild soap and water in a bucket or laver. Then get a sponge, soak it in your homemade stain remover and wash the insides of your kitchen cabinetry. Once the insides are washed and stain-free, dry off the soap and water with the aid of soft clean towel.

Now comes the tricky part of the kitchen cabinet cleaning process as you will have to clean the visible parts of your cabinets. Once again you must create your own stain remover by pouring oil soap in a laver or bucket and diluting the soap with warm water. Before you apply your newly created cleaning solution, test it on an inconspicuous part of the kitchen cabinetry to see whether it will affect the cabinet finish or not.

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If your cleaning detergent passes the test, get a sponge and dip it into the mixture. Use a sponge that has both a soft side and a scouring side. This way you will be able to remove the stains more easily and you won’t risk damaging the cabinetry surface. Wipe the cabinetry surface until all stains, spots and grease residue is removed. If necessary repeat this step several times. Also don’t forget to regularly rinse your sponge so that you don’t transfer the dirty that you have recently removed from one cabinet to another.

Kitchen Cabinetry CleaningOnce the exterior of your kitchen cabinetry is clean, dry your cabinets with a clean, lint-free cloth. By drying your cabinets you will not only remove any residual dirt but you will also eliminate all moisture that is trapped on the surface of the cabinets. Keep in mind that oil soap will remove the wax finish of your cabinets, so it is advisable that you reapply a wax finish on your cabinets like the example shown here One-Off Kitchen Cleaning | London Oven Cleaners. The wax will also add a shine to the cabinetry surface which will make your cabinets appear as good as new.

End the kitchen cabinetry cleaning by rearranging the content on the cabinets. Once you are done you will instantly notice how the appearance of your kitchen has ameliorated.  

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