How To Disinfect Your Carpet?

One huge downfall to having carpeted floors has to be the amount of dirt, dust, impurities, and germs that they accumulate on a daily basis. We all know how important cleaning them is, however, not many think about disinfecting them.

When you clean your carpet you remove all the dirt, dust, and impurities but the bacteria stays. The only way to remove germs is by disinfecting your carpet – but how to do that?

Using your vacuum cleaner is a great way to remove any impurities sitting on top of the fabric but, unfortunately, it won’t get rid of the bacteria. This is why I will teach you exactly how to disinfect your carpets – the easy way!

Follow These Steps

  • The first thing you need to do is prepare the carpet for the disinfection – you need to do that by vacuuming it and removing all loose debris.
  • Then it’s time to choose your disinfectant – and using a carpet cleaner won’t do the trick. They do not have the power to disinfect, they are just cleaners.

This is why you need to look for a product that has disinfecting properties (yes, you can even use rubbing alcohol!).

If you are a fan of using natural ingredients then you might be tempted to use vinegar, however, vinegar is not that strong and won’t get rid of all the germs. If you are still determined to use it I recommend white distilled vinegar!

  • After you choose which product you will use, I suggest you grab a cloth, dip it in the product then wipe your carpet with it then let it air-dry!

If You Have A Steam Cleaner

If you happen to have a steam cleaner then I recommend you to use that – this is the most effective way to disinfect (and clean) your carpet. The steam will extract any dirt and remove the germs without damaging the fibres of the carpet!