Is the hard floor the best choice for your office?

CleaningLooking for something nice to lay on your office’s floor is never an easy task but if you can get it right it will really look marvellous. Sometimes however many people would argue that going basic is the best option. Not putting a carpet but going for a hard floor is said to also be a viable option for your office. Financial reasons aside these people might be right – but are they?

So why go for it?

Let’s say that putting a granite or stone floor isn’t going to bother you in terms of pricing. Should you go for it a 100%? Keep in mind that once you install such a floor there is no way of coming back. First off you need to know what the needs of your office space are. If your business revolves around outdoor working and your office is basically located outside then fine. Let’s say you are a car rental or something similar to it. You want something sturdy for customers to walk on. Most people won’t have any regards about the condition of your floor and will stomp it with muddy shoes and dirty feet. They will drop stuff on it and will most likely even eat while walking all over it. This is why carpets are not a great idea because they might get ruined. This is of course about a heavy traffic area that sees a lot of action. If you have a waiting room which has direct access to a door leading outside then this is another reason not to buy a carpet for your office. The hard floor can take a lot of dirt and dust and it is not a huge ordeal to clean. A simple sweeping session along with a wet mop will do the trick and you will have a sparkling clean floor in no time. This will defeat:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Mud
  • Water
  • Spills

And here’s when a hard floor is not an excellent idea

But there are also a few drawbacks and some of them are related to the nature of your business. If you are in an office building that has been constructed relatively recently then it is perhaps with a light structure. This won’t allow you to have a hard floor especially if you are located on the 9th floor or something like that. Adding a cement or ceramic floor to a building like that will be almost impossible and very impractical.

Also if you have a business that is oriented towards elderly people having a solid floor might be tricky. This type of flooring gets slippery when wet and this is never something that you want for your customers or colleagues. If an injury occurs in your office you will be the one getting in trouble when it comes to compensation. Picking the right type of floor for your office is not only an interior design thingyou should also think about the practical side of things.